After waking up shipwrecked on an uncharted island, the situation becomes a fight for survival. Wild animals during the day give way to horrific mutated creatures at night that crawl from the shadows. Attack head-on or sneak past as you search abandoned buildings for parts and tools to repair your damaged boat. Discover clues to understand the past of the abandoned base as you try to escape the island of Shinrin Yoku with your life.

Use survival mechanics in this first-person horror game to repair your boat and escape. Immerse yourself in a living breathing world complete with wild animals, an interactive environment, a day/night cycle, a full weather system, and more! Manage your inventory items and find weapons to help you fight against the native inhabitants of the island. Change the story’s ending based on your actions and use your skills to make it home by any means necessary.

Free Shinrin Yoku Steam Key: GYYGP-69EJV-DN8LK

PC requirements
  • OS: 10