Obsta-Loop is a zany, goofy, yet unforgiving 2d platformer in which you must reach an exit while running a formidable obstacle course. You have no weapons… your only chance is to exit the death gauntlet using evasion, agility power-ups and mastering your environment. Don’t forget to collect treasure along the way! There are many paths and many solutions, so pay attention to your surroundings and be prepared to try, and try again.

Primary Features:

  • Single player or split screen competitive multiplayer (multiplayer is not yet available and will be added later (see roadmap in Early Access section for details))
  • Multi-path, Non-linear level design
  • Tons of hidden paths and secrets to discover
  • Permadeath! Die and retry in an unforgiving environment where one-hit kills.
  • Various types of treasure
  • Power-ups and modifiers that change gameplay in fun and interesting ways
  • Varied enemies and hazards
  • Player customization with colors and masks

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to reach an exit as quickly and as lucratively as possible with the highest score… and your LIFE!!!

Free Obsta-Loop Steam Key: 3J9XR-BN9WE-AVM8X

PC requirements
  • OS: 10, 11