Trade your way to the top! A chef is anxiously waiting for you to bring him his turkey to cook the feast!! And if you bring guests, he may surprise you with some additional help for your next go! Find secrets, unlock upgrades, and perfect your run to have the perfect thanksgiving feast!

You collect items in order to trade those items for bigger and cooler items. This would include a rock being traded for a bag of seeds, and bag of seeds being traded for something bigger and better etc. This is a first person experience that focuses on platforming, casual game play, and ironically; speed running.

Free Autumn-Time Trade-Up Steam Key: 8G7WG-ZJXGR-XE86N

PC requirements
  • OS: Windows98
  • Processor: Potatoe
  • Graphics: Java 05
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Vinyl