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This is a card adventure game that tells the stories of several brave warriors on their way to defeating various monsters. During the game, not only can they challenge themselves directly to the main line, but they can also explore various scenes and defeat different monsters to strengthen themselves.

Game features:

·With a card upgrade system, the strength of prop cards will significantly increase after upgrading and strengthening.

·A variety of monsters, from forest natural races, lizards, goblins, or valley dragons or hell demons.

·Equip with various weapons, wield and slay enemies.

·Some cards have the ability to change the weather.

·With almost unlimited possibilities, new card mechanisms can be continuously added in future development.

Free 魔王传说 Steam Key: NXZP6-OXZ7A-PY6E9

PC requirements
  • OS: win10
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM