Time’s Disillusion (est. 2024) is an upcoming linear visual novel. It will be fully free to play.

Presented information may be subject to change as development moves closer to completion. Development has been ongoing since February 2022, with a tentative aim for a February 2024 release.

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Time’s Disillusion, exposition

The Havenridge races were established in the mid-2010s as a way for civilians to have a taste of the fast-paced thrills of car racing. Sponsored by the vehicle manufacturing companies headquartered in the economic hub of Havenridge, the allure of big money and the adrenaline rushes attracted some daring people to the event.

In the coming years, it had become quite the local attraction. Jax, who was then just a high schooler, was one of those individuals up for the challenge. With the structure of school life coming to an end, he was feeling directionless. With this, he would at least have something to strive for. After all, one could dream, couldn’t he?

Alongside a close friend, Camila, he went through the essential orientation and training to be able to compete. And through sheer willpower and determination, the two found themselves at the cusp of victory. While it would certainly not make either of them a national star, it was a true representation of their hard work and passions paying off.

However, by the time the day came, something had come between the two. Tensions ran high. Some terrible things were said. Things that both would come to regret.

Deprecating thoughts swirled around. Only one could win anyways. There was no point in trying. So one of them backed out of the competition. And in a devasting crash, the other one who went… was gone.

Over two years have passed since then. And he hasn’t heard from her since. Not a single text. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t want to talk. Or maybe because she can’t anymore. But in either case, he still has no idea what happened to her.

Since the incident, Jax continues to work alongside Emmy. She’s a quiet, shy, but reliable friend he met in those high school days. They both work to help run her grandparents’ restaurant, which has been stagnating due to the prolonged economic downturn.

Another friend from the past, Oliver, works at a car repair workshop a few blocks down. Just continuing on the family business. Jax and Emmy often talk and even come by for repairs.

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that the dream is over for Jax. After what’s happened, trying again would only be an insult to the memories they once had. Today, the races only serve as a constant reminder of the mistakes that were made back then. Mistakes that can never be fixed.

It’s too late now anyways. The world seems to have gone to hell since then, and there’s no time for fun and games anymore. All that he knows now, is that he misses when everything was just alright.

This isn’t what she would’ve wanted. But maybe it doesn’t have to be like this.
Perhaps it’s time to move forward again.

Additional World Information

Featured below is some additional information to contextualize the story world and the events which have occurred in it.


The geolocation game that has taken the world by storm is great to play in the city in which it was first developed.

Players answer trivia questions in order to mine resources and develop buildings such as factories. Resource deposits can be very lucrative if the player is able to answer rapid-fire back-to-back questions. Jax and his friends used to play it a lot. It’s already over 6 years old now…

Article from East Channel Times, circa 2018

First responders rushed to the scene of a horrific crash that occurred during the 2018 Havenridge Races.

(An image of a fire truck)

The Havenridge Races are a series of events held by the Bay Race Foundation in collaboration with the City of Havenridge. It attracts hundreds of spectators every year. The races are an opportunity for novices to safely experience the thrills of a race in a controlled environment. Monetary prizes, either in the form of scholarships or cold hard cash, are sponsored by the major manufacturers within the city such as Static, and certainly sweetens the deal further. The organizer of the event ensured that utmost importance was placed on safety during the required training and orientation each participant goes through.

But if this was the case, how did the events that occurred just days ago happen?

Investigations are wrapping up regarding the crash that severely injured race participant Camila. In the replay footage, it isn’t quite clear what exactly happened. However, it was determined that aggressive and reckless driving tactics by Ethan, another participant in the race, may have led to a collision that sent the vehicle off course. The Bay Race Foundation has reaffirmed that all precautions and rules were reiterated at every opportunity and that the participant was warned multiple times for lesser infractions. When asked why the participant wasn’t removed, they noted that the actions at the time could have been perceived as simple mistakes and that the recklessness showcased during the race was not foreseen. Officials have supported this claim and as a result, have cleared the foundation of any negligence or wrongdoing.

The same cannot be said for Ethan, who faces charges of criminal negligence. The ruling comes with a hefty fine, and a name forever tarnished.

(Photograph of Ethan’s vehicle)

The Bay Race Foundation has stated it is committed to ensuring the safety of all participants involved and will take corrective action to prevent another incident from happening again. Board members pledged that rules and orientation would be made stricter and would be enforced much more harshly going forward.

As for the victim of the crash, little information is known about the state of her injuries. Reports infer she was transported to an undisclosed medical facility in the East Channel, though any details have not been revealed due to privacy concerns and out of respect for the family.

This is an ongoing story. This article will be updated as more details emerge.

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