The Backrooms Origins is a first person horror game about famous internet creepypasta the backrooms. Play VHS tapes and learn more about origins of the backrooms. Experience the infinite liminal spaces and try to escape this terrifying and dangerous complex.

Play the VHS tapes which is recorded by a scientist of Supernova Research Facility. Explore the story about backrooms and learn how everything is started. Enter this uncharted universe and explore the worlds of full of unknowns and dangers.

Feel the fear in its most realistic way with realistic graphics and terrifying ambiance. Experience the horror with first person gameplay.


  • Unique and expanding story
  • Realistic graphics and ambience
  • Scary sound design
  • First person experience

Free The Backrooms Origins Steam Key: 9ZBP2-XJ657-BEGND

PC requirements
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM