Sons of Saturn is a first person point and click adventure game focused on atmosphere and narrative, brought to life using photos of abandoned locations all over the world.

Brought to life with photos of real abandoned locations.

Nearly all of the assets used in Sons of Saturn were derived from real photos, taken by the developers, of breathtaking abandoned locations found all over the world. We hope exploring the world of Minerva recaptures the magical aura these spaces exude.

Unedited photo of an abandoned location:

The asset used in the game:

Strong focus on atmosphere and narrative.

How can we live in an unjust world? What cruel entity forced us to be conscious in a universe with such suffering? Why is a hideous stuffed cat talking to me, and why can no one else hear them?

Sons of Saturn explores the depths of both the underground city Minerva and the protagonists’ psyches. Investigate both the cause of your pain and the warts that have grown up around it in your brain.

Explore Minerva, the abandoned underground city halted by time.

The character must navigate and discover their way through the entire city of Minerva, a technological metropolis where the dead dream and memories cling to life.

Free Sons Of Saturn Steam Key: 97KX7-JZVER-EX9WM

PC requirements
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Graphics: Support for OpenGL 3.3
Apple Mac requirements
  • OS: macOS 10.12
  • Graphics: Support for OpenGL 3.3
Linux requirements
  • OS: Any distribution
  • Graphics: Support for OpenGL 3.3