Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya is the sixth premium Track DLC for Automobilista 2! A popular race track for many international racing series in recent decades and staple on the F1 calendar since 1991, the Barcelona circuit has been a favorite among teams to test and develop their cars due to its mix of long mid and high-speed corners, making it an ideal testbed to gauge and develop their aerodynamic performance. For the 2023 Grand Prix the track is reverting to the pre-2007 layout, opting out of the unpopular tight chicane at the end of the lap for the two ultra-fast right-handers that cars used to tackle back in the day before entering the long 1km long home straight.

The track currently is offered with two layouts – with and without the chicane at the end of the lap.

Free Automobilista 2 – Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya Steam Key: RWR6J-3N84J-YQXJD

Release date
Jun 9, 2023